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During the 2017/ 2018 academic year I worked at Georgia Tech's Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing as an Innovator in Residence assigned to Hollis Innovation Academy.  Our role was to assist teachers in integrating more hands-on STEM projects into the curriculum.

Dream Houses.jpg

 “Dream Houses”

For this project I created a template for making Craftsman style houses from recycled cardboard boxes.  Graduate students from the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech then showed 5th graders how architecture combines art and engineering. 

Wakandian Fashion.JPG

“Wakandian Fashion”

The release of the “Black Panther” movie as an excellent opportunity to interest students in STEM disciplines.  Along with Kevin Arne, Ryan Snelling, and Rachel Tierney, the other three Innovators in Residence assigned to Hollis, I created a wearable tech project for the 5th grade students in collaboration with the STEM and Art teachers.  Students 3D printed adinkra stamps, stamped designs on cloth panels, then arranged them on cardboard mannequins and embellished the ensembles with Playground Express Circuit Boards programmed to light up and play sounds in a variety of patterns.

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