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Narrative Video

Blacks and Bays

Originally produced for the 2017 Xperimental Puppetry Show at the Center for Puppetry Arts.

The Tao of Love and Laughter

When Nita invites Ned to come play on the swings, he suggest a "laugher yoga" session.  I wrote, shot, edited, composed and recorded original music and performed both puppets in this auteur piece.  I also choreographed and performed the roller skating sequences.

Hommage à Léon Gontran Damas

This video uses puppetry and stop-motion animation techniques to dramatize a lecture on Damas' poem, "Limbé."  The repeated refrain "give me back my black dolls" emphasizes the poet's desire to regain control of self-image and the power to assert the validity of an African world view.

My Animatronic Angel

I never imagined that puppets would lead me to build electronic circuits and write computer code yet the first time I encountered an Arduino, I immediately started designing animatronic puppets.

Worth Her Salt

When challenged to prove her worth, a corporate zombie experiences a profound transformation.  With firm guidance from Guédé Nibo, she reclaims her ti bon ange (autonomous will) and becomes an activist in the fight for fair wages.

Already Beautiful
Already Beautiful

When Princess Padma learns that Nina Simone will be performing in Fairy Town, she thinks she needs a fabulous new hairstyle, but finding the right stylist isn't easy.  The group of middle school girls who collaborated on this story created a humorous affirmation of natural beauty.

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