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Slide Show Narratives

Girls Gone Goth

Disney's Fairy characters are the epitome of sweetness and light but when they done Goth fashion and start dancing with Death, they awaken to a new understanding of life.

Silky Straight

A vast treasure trove of African American literature has never been adapted for film audiences, so having collected enough 1:6 scale props, sets, and costumes to rival MGM’s fabled back lot, I embarked on a short adaptation of Nella Larsen’s Passing.

At Your Service

The advent of inexpensive digital cameras has lead to an explosion in doll photography and video, enabling girls, women, and other populations who rarely see positive images of themselves in Hollywood films to produce their own screen narratives.  This slide show video casts a black figure as a chivalric hero and uses sound to create a sense of motion even though the images are all stills. 

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